Our Team

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Patricia McGovern, PE

Project Role:
Engineering Planning Services / Water Quality Services / Regulatory

Patricia McGovern, a California certified Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience (California Professional Engineer C62859), founded PME in September 2003. Prior to founding PME, Ms. McGovern worked as an Associate (i.e. Jr. Partner) at Carollo Engineers where she led several large wastewater planning and asset management projects. Ms. McGovern also worked for the Narragansett Bay Commission in Providence, Rhode Island where she helped direct the regulatory compliance and source control programs.         

Contact: Patricia McGovern, (415) 601-3785; mcgovern@pmengineers.com

PME person shot.jpg

Jennifer keene - Chemical Engineer

Project Role:
Water Quality Services / Database Management /Asset Management

Ms. Keene is a chemical engineer (UCB) with significant experience working on database systems, rate studies, and asset management projects for Californian municipalities.  This includes the development of customized databases for computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).  Ms. Keene worked on the recent SFPUC Utility Rate Wastewater Study where she reviewed fiscal policies and helped create an excel-based financial forecast model to update cost-of-service for water, wastewater, and stormwater user rates, and capacity charges in compliance with governing laws.  She has applied ‘big data’ analytics to large sets of customer data to update service rates.  Ms. Keene is an expert in development of VBA-based Excel models for municipal clients with an emphasis on user interaction and flexible functionality. 


Carl Gentry, Pe

Project Role:
Structural Engineer

Mr. Gentry has over 30 years experience in performing the structural design of large water and wastewater facilities. His experience is unique in that it has been focused primarily on heavy civil/structural and seismic design of water and wastewater facilities. These include reservoirs consisting of prestressed, reinforced concrete and steel tanks, including those for the Napa Sanitation District, Contra Costa Water District, City of Martinez, Oakhills Zone III, City of Pleasanton, and City of Pittsburg, CA. Mr. Gentry has designed many water and wastewater pump stations ranging from the 1.5 mgd Sammamish Valley Reclaimed Water Production Facility for King County, WA, to the 646 mgd Natomas East Main Drainage Canal Pump Station for the Sacramento Flood Area Control Agency. 



Project Role:
Water Quality Services / Stormwater Services 

While at PME, Ms. West is simultaneously completing her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley in the Environmental Engineering program.  Ms. West is a project engineer who is well versed in water, wastewater, and stormwater issues.  Her project experience ranges from performing weekly stormwater management site inspections to investigating the source of contamination of the SFPUC’s water supply where she reviewed actual sampling procedures in the field and compared them with standard operating procedures. She reviewed SWPPPs and developed NOIs for stormwater projects, and has surveyed water, wastewater, and stormwater agencies nationally and locally for their rates and rate formats.

John H. Pujol

Project Role:
Water Engineer, Marketing


Dave Ewing, PE

Project Role:
Civil Engineer, Constructability Review, Sequencing and Scheduling

Mr. Ewing has over 39 years of engineering construction experience with particular emphasis on the planning and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping facilities, water storage facilities, stormwater pumping plants, hydroelectric projects and other water resource/recovery projects in California.  Mr. Ewing has a comprehensive understanding of various contract delivery methods, risk management, scheduling, cost estimating, quality control, safety and conflict resolution. 

Drew McIntyre, PE

Project Role:
Civil Engineer, O&M Services

Mr. McIntyre has more than 30 years of experience in program and project management, planning, process design, and operation of treatment facilities. Mr. McIntyre is uniquely qualified as both a chief engineer and manager of municipal water and wastewater utility systems. His integrated expertise reflects more than 20 years' experience in the permitting, study, design, construction management, start-up, training, operation and management of water and wastewater treatment facilities of up to 100 mgd. As a certified water operator and wastewater operator, Mr. McIntyre easily develops O&M manuals, and performs O&M training, troubleshooting and optimization of water systems.  He has prepared feasibility studies and master plans and has performed preliminary and final design engineering. He has also provided design services during construction, construction management, and overall program and project management. 

Loren Weinbrenner, PE

Project Role:
Civil Engineer / Asset Management / Cost Estimation

Mr. Weinbrenner has more than 40 years of experience in the condition assessment of pipelines and in the conceptual planning, design, and preparation of specifications and cost estimates for a broad range of projects including transmission pipelines, water treatment, pump stations, and civil/site work. His expertise includes project and construction management and project management. He has been responsible for a wide range of water and gas projects with emphasis on pump station and pipeline design.

Patrick Creegan, PhD, PE

Project Role:
Civil Engineering

Mr. Creegan has more than 40 years of experience in planning and design of heavy civil works, with principal emphasis on water development projects, embankment dams and associated hydraulic structures, and water conveyance facilities.

Kriti Doshi, PE

Project Role:
Structural Engineering

Mr. Doshi has more than 35 years of broad experience in design and engineering for various types of structures and buildings. He has an excellent knowledge of codes and industry practices. He offers extensive experience in masonry, steel, and concrete construction. He is familiar with design details, specifications, and construction means and methods for these buildings. He is able to analyze and design structures for earthquake forces with proper details and code requirements.

William Harris

Project Role:

Mr. Harris has been engaged in design of water and wastewater projects since 1994. His experience includes designing and producing grading plans, sewer and water systems, treatment plants, and pipelines. He has worked on GIS projects and large-scale CAD mapping efforts on the Monterey Peninsula. In addition, Mr. Harris has been involved in construction phase activities, including daily progress inspections.

Reese Madrid

Project Role:
GIS / Web applications

Ms. Madrid has over 16 years of experience working with GIS and stormwater modeling.  For five years she worked for the City of San Francisco’s Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering, Hydraulics Department running the InfoWorks hydraulic model for the wastewater master plan alternatives and subsequent sewer system improvement program.  In this capacity, she evaluated the feasibility and the impact of implementing stormwater and LID alternatives.